Project Hope

Loving People, Changing Lives

Project Hope is an initiative of The King’s Temple Church & Samuel Patta Ministries. Our aim is to provide relief & assistance to those directly & indirectly affected with Covid-19.

We are committed to providing immediate assistance to those suffering with Covid-19 by making sure they have access to a fully equipped hospital with trained doctors, providing anti-viral medication and food.

Project Hope has specially curated a “Immunity Booster Kit” after consulting with doctors and specialists. These kits are available at no cost and can be picked up from The King’s Temple office. The kit includes a one month supply of immunity boosting vitamins and supplements. This is not a kit for someone who has already been affected and has no life saving medication to use.

Also, at this challenging time, we are aware that many Pastors and their families have been affected not only by covid-19, but the resulting lockdowns and restrictions that have not allowed churches to meet in person. We will support Pastors & their families with basic commodities, medical care and other essentials.

Thank you to members and partners of The King’s Temple Church & Samuel Patta Ministries who are making this possible.

God Bless


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